Global Shipping Leaders Gather in Dalian,the 4th GSS 2009- 10- 22- 15:10:47

“Consolidate” means gentle, harmonious, cooperate, When there’s a big splitting, there is surely a big consolidation followed. Co-hosted by SHIPPINGCHINA, Le Havre Government and IMMTA, 2009 the 4th GSS is held in this golden autumn in Dalian.  This summit will group one thousand executives and managers in shipping industry to make discovery from crisis, make breakthroughs in difficulties, make restructures from changes, so as to create a great global shipping Davos.

Based on the grand success of the previous three GSSes, re-pointing its sword towards the financial crisis, taking “to consolidate during flattening” as its theme, the global shipping summit gathers together 1000 managers. A new shipping & trading framework will be formed very soon by making discovery from crisis, making breakthroughs in difficulties, making restructures from changes, so as to create a great global shipping Davos.

The agenda includes international shipping forums, business connection meeting, exhibitions and business activities, “The World Economic Disruption and Future Shipment Framework”, “Shipping & Logistics Renovation and Industry Restructuring”, “Go out of China, Enter China” are three mail topic. Meanwhile, “Mainland China and Taiwan Business Cooperation, “Virtual Dry Port Industry”, “Sino-Euro Logistics Connection and Asia-Europe Land Bridge”, “International Freight Forwarding" are subforums. There will also be Business Card Luncheon and Le Havre Cocktail Welcome Reception.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), the African Cargo Alliance member companies, United States the US-China Partnership Research Center, US-China Cooperation Fund, European Liner Affairs Association, the world's logistics organization promoting development , China Shipping Agent and NVOCC associations and other associations participated. Mr. Dai Dingyi, Vice President of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Association, Mr. Ye Weilong, President of China Shipping Agent and NVOCC Association, Mr. Zhao Huxiang, president of Sinotrans and other guests made important speeches and feel the pulse of shipping movements. In addition, mayors from Ningbo, Xi'an, Qingdao, Dalian, Malaga gave important speeches.