Three Freight Forwarding Associations Gather in Dalian in October 2009- 10- 22- 15:06:46

On Oct 23-24, 2009 4th GSS organized by SHIPPINGCHINA is held in Dalian. Three freight forwarding associations, FIATA, WIFFA and MTG gather together in Dalian. FIATA President Mr. Jean Calude Delen and Former President Mr. William Gottlieb will attend GSS and organize business connection.

World International Freight Forwarder Association (WIFFA) is WIFFA is the first civil and non-profit freight forwarding organization in China to facilitate the mutual cooperation of international freight forwarders. WIFFA will serve for business cooperation and connection among China and world freight forwarders of different routes and services. WIFFA will lead China freight forwarders to enter the international market and will connect international resources and China market to create an international freight forwarding cooperation system featuring security and integrity. 

MTG will lead its members to attend this summit to build a bridge for China freight forwards to meet with overseas agent.