The striking features of 4th GSS: Extension of the conference 2009- 10- 22- 15:28:29

Recently, the 4th GSS which is hold by Shippingchina grandly began in Dalian. The conference which takes “Consolidating while Disrupting” as its theme, attracts about 800 attendants. The former Minister of The Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China comments that GSS is a great “Shipping Davos”

As the reporter has learned, one of the reason why GSS can attracts so many attendants is that the committee will offer every possibility for the attendants to have business connection. The shipping industry is recently in the period from peril to recovery, the enterprises are adjusting their strategy and accumulate resources to start again. Attending GSS, you will not only get the advanced conception, spirit , confidence, but also find the new way to get more business resources. These are the realistic and urgent hope of the attendants. The 4th GSS Committee knows the demand of the enterprises.

How to get the best effects of the business connection during the 2 days’ conference time for the attendants from over 30 countries all over the world and from the governments, shipowners, freight forwarders, traders, ports, logistics industry and Capital operators? The solution that the committee has make out: extension of the conference. That is to release the attendants’ information in advance and at the same time, the committee will look for business chances for them as the demands of the attendants and help them to make appointments with other attendants. These are traditions of the last 3 years’ conference, too.

To offer more chances for the attendants to communicate, the committee specially prepare the VIP breakfast forum, business card luncheon and banquet for them so that under the arrangement of the committee, attendants will take the time to communicate and have deeper talk about the cooperation.